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Movavi Unlimited – 影片创作软件吃到饱

影片创作软件吃到饱 – Movavi Unlimited,包含了Movavi公司最受欢迎的10套软件(随时增加),他们大多数都被包装在Movavi Video Suite这个软件之中,它目前内建了Video Editor Plus、Screen Recorder、Video Converter Premium、Slideshow Maker、VHS Capture、Media Player、ChiliBurner等程式,在一年的订阅其内你还可以使用Gecata、PDF Chef、Picverse这些独立的程式,但是安装之后还是透过Movavi Video Suite启动,Mac版跟Windows版订阅有什么不同?有些程式不支援Mac,例如:ChiliBurner、Gecata。最重要的是可以无限使用套件组合(Movavi Effects Store),其内容不定时更新,对于影片创作者非常重要!(阿荣 2021.08.31


Movavi Unlimited is a unique product that combines the best of Movavi! For the cost of a single program, you get access to 10 apps, including special effects, that open up endless possibilities for your creative work.

*Full access to the Movavi Effects Store
Get access to all the thematic sets, packs, and bundles of special effects we’ve created exclusively for Movavi users. Use stickers, titles, transitions, and backgrounds to make your videos unique and memorable. New handcrafted effects are added every month!

*What is the total number of programs included in Movavi Unlimited?

Movavi Unlimited includes 10 apps, however, for the sake of convenience, most of them are packed in one program – Movavi Video Suite. This program includes all the functions of Video Editor Plus, Screen Recorder, Video Converter Premium, Slideshow Maker, VHS Capture, Media Player, and ChiliBurner.
Other programs (Gecata, PDF Chef, and Picverse) are included in the subscription as separate programs, but after the installation they can also be launched from the interface of Movavi Video Suite.

*Is there any difference between Windows and Mac versions of Movavi Unlimited?

The only difference between the two versions is that Movavi Unlimited for Mac doesn’t include ChiliBurner and Gecata by Movavi. Otherwise, the versions are identical in the number of features and tools.


系统需求:Windows 10/8.x/7(64位元)、Mac